TGS 301 - Rams trade madness - PLUS San Fran stars
Hastily convened, the pod boys break down the Rams trade for Jalen Ramsey, whether it actually helps this season and potential long-term implications. PLUS Warner and Goodwin from SF....
"If you’re good at something, you never do it for free"
Neil Reynolds caught up with one of the hottest names in football while he was still a Jacksonville Jaguar, and we dip into the archive to mark his blockbuster move to LA...
TGS 300 - QB Classes Doing Battle
Deshaun Watson bests Patrick Mahomes, and which QB survives on their current team - Winston or Mariota? Just two of the things we consider from a rip-roaring Week 6...
A Very British Efe
The Carolina Panthers first appearance on UK soil brings with it an emotional homecoming. We have no shame in re-revisiting the archive for this man...
A Man Called Suh
As the Buccaneers prepare to face NFC South rival Carolina in London, we raid the archive for a lineman whose last visit was preceded by a massive pay rise...

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Issue 48 of Gridiron features:

  • Editor Matthew Sherry’s special report from the historic Monday Night Football meeting between the Browns and Jets. It features exclusive insights from Hall-of-Famer Paul Warefield, Myles Garrett, Odell Beckham Jr. and other stars from now and yesteryear
  • Neil Reynolds’ exclusive interview with Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey
  • Simon Clancy reports from the NFL’s opening fixture between the Bears and Packers, digging deep on the iconic rivalry
  • Gridiron’s NFL 100 section, looking back at the league between 1945 and 1959, including exclusive words from Hall-of-Fame linebacker Sam Huff and Upton Bell, son of former commissioner Bert Bell
  • Mike Carlson breaks down the best games in NFL history for his monthly GOATs feature
  • A detailed view of what makes Death Valley so special as Gridiron heads to Clemson’s battle with Texas A&M
  • Analytics guru Tom Kislingbury investigates the Miami Dolphins’ approach to 2019 and muses on whether tanking really works