Issue 73 – Digital



The AFC ARMS RACE edition

As the 2022 NFL season gets into full swing, Issue 73 of Gridiron ponders the NFC’s response to a AFC monopoly on the league’s best young QB talent — and whether those QBs wanting away will jump division.

  • With Matt Rhule already canned in Carolina, Simon Clancy surveys the field of future NFL head coaches.
  • Neil Dutton takes a look at the new Trevor Lawrence freed up in Jacksonville.
  • Melissa Jacobs’ Afterlife profiles Super Bowl-winning TE Vernon Davis and his move back to acting.
  • Oliver Connolly explains certain head coaches’ ability to option the blitz.
  • Nicholas McGee profiles San Francisco’s surprise package safety Talanoa Hufanga.
  • Tom Kislingbury attempts to quantify divisional parity in Moneyball.
  • Mike Carlson looks back at the beast that was the NFC East.

Issue 73 is out on October 27th. You can check your shipping cost before checkout.