TGS 271 – State of the NFL

Will Gavin NFL, NFL in the UK, Podcast, The Gridiron Show

What are the biggest issues going into the NFL off-season, and what’s the future of the sport in the UK? We spoke with some of the NFL’s top brass to find out just that! Troy Vincent (20:34), former Eagles Corner, post football went from leading the NFLPA to now the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL – and so gives us the inside track on what it takes to put on a Super Bowl, what he expects from the next CBA, what are the big hurdles for a team coming to London full-time and what will the competition committee be discussing this off-season. And Managing Director for NFL UK Alistair Kirkwood (38:54) gives us half an hour of his time to discuss ticketing, stadiums, the process of getting teams over, will we see the Packers any time soon and much much more about the future of the NFL in the UK. Plus Will & Olly discuss the latest head coaching hires and Alistair reveals the next big project for the UK. Enjoy!