Issue 71 – Digital



The INNOVATION edition

The NFL is a league of innovation, and Issue 71 of Gridiron celebrates all things innovative, from the players and people who have shaped the game we watch today – and those who will push us into the future, through advancements in schemes, broadcasting and the medical field to the on-field superstars, all of which will change the way we view the sport over the next 12 months.

  • Why Trey Lance is the right QB for San Francisco and 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan.
  • Nicholas McGee reveals the most innovative NFL players, both now and in the recent past.
  • Melissa Jacobs’ new feature profiles Thomas Jones and his move to acting.
  • Oliver Connolly asks why NFL broadcasts have become stale.
  • Cameron Hogwood on Chargers’ HC Brandon Staley.
  • Simon Clancy on both college football realignment and the affect of NIL.
  • Mike Carlson recalls a forgotten coaching innovator.Issue 71 is out on September 7th. You can check your shipping cost before checkout.