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Mac Jones’ swagger as he made his way to the main stage at April’s NFL Draft in Cleveland was taken by many as a sign that he felt he had lucked in to the franchise he wanted to join. Two games into his rookie season, however, those same observers are believing that New England might be the lucky ones.

Despite being linked to the 49ers, Jones and the Patriots seemed destined to be together, not least because both Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels made the trip to Tuscaloosa for Alabama’s pro day. The College Football Playoff champion and Heisman Trophy finalist also insisted that Foxborough was his preferred destination after being selected 15th overall, despite slotting into a QB room that already featured 2020 incumbent Cam Newton, heir apparent Jarrett Stidham and perennial Patriot Brian Hoyer.

“I’m so blessed to be part of this organisation,” Jones told ESPN from the green room in Cleveland. “It’s not about where you’re picked, it’s all about how you take advantage of the opportunity.”

Now, having seen off the competition – and witnessed Newton’s exit from New England – Jones is certainly making the most of his break, and beginning to sway opinion off the field, amongst those who insisted he was, at best, the fifth-ranked quarterback in the class of 2021.

Doug Flutie, once Brady’s back-up in New England, believes the new boy can assume the mantle in Foxborough.

I’m really intrigued with the New England situation,” the diminutive fomer QB told Betway Insider.

“Mac Jones, I think, is a very mature young kid that’s come in as quarterback. And as soon as they drafted Mac, I was like, ‘He’s going to start day one. You watch’. New England made a point this year to sign free agents to get a situation where they can be successful again. And now I think they have the quarterback, the question is can a rookie jump in and be up to speed and do all the things he has to do?

“I think out of all the rookie quarterbacks out there, Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones are the two guys that can do it in their rookie year and be successful.”

While Lawrence and Zach Wilson have struggled through the first two weeks of their NFL careers, it’s been Jones that has separated himself from the pack among the rookie QBs.

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