Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

RedZone to refund Saints bets

Craig Llewellyn

RedZone to refund Saints bets

Craig Llewellyn NFL

As well as being one of the more exciting NFL Championship weekends in recent memory, Sunday’s games were not short on controversy either – and our friends at RedZone.Bet have reacted accordingly.

Britain’s specialist NFL bookmaker has decided that, even if the New Orleans Saints were robbed by a non-call that even the league’s New York office has said was wrong – and on two counts at that – its customers will not be. As a result, RedZone.Bet will refund all those who backed the Saints to either win the NFC outright or simply to win Sunday’s game after what is being dubbed the ‘the worst call in Conference Championship game history’.

“We pride ourselves as being the home of NFL betting and, in solidarity with Sean Payton and our loyal customers who backed the Saints, we are refunding stakes as free bets to be placed on Super Bowl LIII,” managing director Warren Llambias said, “It’s a shame I’m not allowed to bet with my own company as I don’t imagine my bookmaker will be following suit with my Saints outright bet!”

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